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Thank you!

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A big thank you to all the Arbury voters and campaigners who went out on the 23rd of May to elect Charlotte Perry as their third City Councillor for Arbury. We look forward to working hard for you to ensure our pledges:


High visibility cleaning blitzes and enforcement

Review the problem of grass verges churned up by cars

Retain a city run pest control service

Support the homeless

Maximise affordable housing


Want to know more?


Watch this space for updates on what we are doing for you.



North Area community forum

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The Meadows Community Centre in North Arbury hosted a successful community forum on 18 June. The drop-in event saw free tea and biscuits, and allowed residents to talk to council officers and councillors, as well as PCSOs and other local community figures, about what they wanted to see improved in their area. Also in attendance was the Dec, the city council’s play bus (which several councillors visited…). The drop-in event was the culmination of weeks of community consultation, and allowed residents to see what other people had highlighted as their most important issues. They could then mark which were important to them, and add issues to several flipcharts stationed around the room.

Favourite comment: Mike Todd-Jones is Everywhere.

Mike Todd-Jones: Everywhere?

If you missed the community forum, you can still fill in a survey telling the council what you think.

Arbury prejudice ‘despicable’

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Local Arbury Labour councillors rallied behind Manor school headteacher Ben Slade this week as he hit out against prejudice against the area. Writing on his blog for the Cambridge Evening News, Ben slammed what he called “appalling bigotry” against the area.

We agree! Arbury is a safe, friendly and welcoming place, with a really strong sense of community. There are pockets of deprivation like anywhere else, and occasional crime, but there’s no sense of threat, and where there are problems, people come together to try to fix them. The schools are good, there’s a great provision of shops and leisure areas. It is not fair on any of the local residents, especially the children, to write off an entire ward because of a reputation entrenched twenty years previously. We think our ward is great and are deeply proud to represent its residents.

What do you think about Arbury’s reputation? Is it fair?

Manor Community College